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Document Repair Tape                    

Lineco's Document Repair Tape (DTR)   is a unique combination of a strong very thin, acid-free tissue coated with an acid-free adhesive.  It is non-yellowing, reversible, and widely accepted as truly archival repair tissue. While the repair is permanent, if desired, the tape may be removed with common mineral spirits.    

Lin-901-0198    1" x 35'     2oz.    List Price $13.32 Price $6.79 

To Use (DRT) Dispense a length appropriate for the area to be mended. Place over the tear, burnish gently, working the adhesive into the tear itself.  For extra strength, do the same to the reverse side of the tear.


Gummed Line Tape



This water activated tape with 65/55 thread count fabric provides superior hanging strength.  The neutral pH adhesive has high tack, lay flat properties that make it a favorite for hinging mats and heavy pieces or artwork.


Lin-533-1050    1" x 150'   7oz.    List Price $49.57 Price $25.28



How to tape using Linen tape


Self Adhesive Linen Tape

Lineco's Self Adhesive Linen Tape is an extra strong linen cloth coated with a neutral pH acrylic adhesive.  The high thread count makes it an excellent choice for hinging window mats to backer mats.

Lin-533-1055    1 1/4" x 150 '     11oz.  List Price $52.75 Price $26.90 

Lin-533-1015    1 1/4" x 33.3'     4oz.    List Price $18.42 Price $ 9.39  

Mounting Hinging Tissue

This pressure sensitive, Mounting/Hinging Tissue is a fine long fiber tissue with an archival quality acrylic adhesive that is permanent and non-yellowing.  Ideal for hinging translucent are such as Japanese paper, papyrus, and other light weight art because it won't show through.  Mineral spirits are required for removal.

Lin-533-0126    1" x 98'        4oz.   List Price $25.62 Price $13.07          


RiceStarch IC.jpg (14226 bytes)

Pure Rice Starch

Lineco's Rice Starch is a highly purified starch used for attaching paper hinges such as Mulberry Paper for traditional museum mounting. Complete cooking instructions are included to make this museum quality paste.

Lin-615-1502  2 oz. Bottle  List Price $13.17 Price $6.72         

Museum Mounting Kit    MMountingKit IC.jpg (16280 bytes)

Everything you need to mount original art and graphics using rice starch and Japanese paper hinges.  This kit contains a 2 oz. jar of unmodified rice starch adhesive, enough heavyweight Mulberry Paper to make approximately 150 hinges, and a 1" x 10" roll of Pressure Sensitive Linen Tape for hinging mats.  Complete instructions are included.

Lin-533-2000    Box    4oz.    List Price $40.10 Price $20.45    

MountingCorners0020 IC.jpg (10006 bytes) MountingCorners0021 IC.jpg (15301 bytes)

Self-Adhesive, Preformed Mounting Corners

Lineco's conservation quality Mylar polyester, self-adhesive mounting corners provide framers with a safe, time saving method of securing artwork for framing.  Crystal clear, these corners are a virtually invisible method of mounting.  Two sizes are available. Both offer time saving convenience, yet are free from the harmful plasticizer used in lesser quality vinyl corners. The non-yellowing acrylic adhesive backing never comes in contact with artwork being framed.  Also ideal for mounting photos in albums.  240 Corners per package.

      Lin-533-0020    1/2"           3oz.    List Price $11.66 Price $ 5.95

      Lin-533-0021    1 3/8"        5oz.    List Price $22.32 Price $11.38

Self  Folding Corner (Not Shown)

Crystal clear Archival Mounting Corners allow safe mounting of prints, photographs and documents prior to framing.  The are pre-scored for speedy application and are made from Mylar Polyester. A non-yellowing, self stick, 3M #415 tape secures each corner in place.  Package 100.

     Lin-545-2337        7/8"          2oz.    List Price $18.36 Price $9.36





1.25 Mounting Corners (250 Package)

Lin-533-0034  List Price $21.92 Price $11.18


1.25 Mounting Corners - Full View (250 Package)

Lin-533-0035  List Price $23.61 Price $12.04


3.00 Mounting Corners (100 Package)

Lin-533-0036  List Price $21.01 Price $10.72


3.00 Mounting Corners - Full view (100 Package)

Lin-533-0037  List Price $22.44 Price $11.44


PhPen IC.jpg (18035 bytes)Paper and Board pH Testing Pen

An easy, convenient method for distinguishing between safe alkaline paper and board and unsafe acidic paper and board.  Easy to use, simply draw a line and instantly determine the answer.  The chlorophenol red indicator solution turns a definite purple color on any paper with a pH of 6.5 or higher. Any other color would indicate a material most likely unsuitable for conservation purposes.

     Lin-533-0023    pen size         2oz.     List Price $ 8.80 Price $4.49


MountingStrips IC.jpg (22328 bytes)See-Thru Mounting Strips

Use these mounting strips for safe, hinges mounting of art work to mats.  Sturdy and safe, Lineco Mounting Strips are made from conservation quality Mylar polyester and acid-free paper with a self adhesive backing strip.  Simply position the print or photograph in place and adhere strips to the mat.  No adhesive ever comes in contact with the art work, instead, the art is "cradled" by inert Mylar and is ready to be framed. Available in 4" strips and in economical 12" bulk package.  Both can be cut to just the right size for a particular job.  Both lengths sold in packages of 60 strips.

Lin-533-4015    4"         6oz.             List Price $19.09 Price $ 9.74           

Lin-533-4020    12"       1Lb. 5oz.     List Price $48.55 Price $24.76           

White Neutral pH Adhesive

wpe6.jpg (14005 bytes)Our new acid-free adhesive has excellent lay-flat properties and is clear when dry.  Easy to use polyvinyl acetate (PVA) formula is fast setting, re-moistenable with water and reversible.  This adhesive was formulated specifically for preservation materials and will not become brittle with age.  It adheres to most porous surfaces.  Will not adhere to glass metal or plastics.      

Lin-901-1008   8oz.       List Price $9.44 Price   $4.81    

Lin-901-1128   1 gal.     List Price $78.13 Price $39.85  



Frame Sealing Tape

Developed specifically to seal backing board to frames, this pressure sensitive tape attaches firmly to almost any surface, and conforms well to most surface irregularities. This is the perfect way to seal off rabbets and fillets from off gassing. The unique foil backing not only provides a barrier, but creases easily for a perfect fit. An aggressive acrylic adhesive holds the tape tightly in place. 

Available in 1-1/4" x 1000" and 3-1/4" x 1000" rolls.



Lin-387-0151  1-1/4" x 85 ft    List Price $16.37 Price $8.35
Lin-387-0156  3-1/4" x 1000"    List Price $43.69 Price $22.28


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