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Gemini Pro Cutter/Trimmer ~ 40" $585.00



  • Provides straight, square and accurate cutting of foamboard, corrugated plastics and flexible materials up to 1/2" thick

  • Precision aluminum extrusion, engineered for straightness

  • GeminiPro is our most precise rail cutter with an integrated base plate; factory aligned and secured maximum straightness

  • Ergonomic Power Grip cutting head designed for either push or pull cutting convenience

  • Embedded grip strips grasp the substrate material for secure cutting accuracy

  • Ability to either cut with a blade or trim on the same unit

  • Adaptable with Atlas workbench to provide a total flat, square and stable cutting system

  • Sight-line Strip for precision cut registration

  • Available GeminiPro sizes

  • 40" (1.0m)

  • 60" (1.5m)

  • 80" (2.0m)

  • 100" (2.5m)

  • 120" (3.0m)

  • (1) Rail Cutter

  • (1) Knife Blade Magazine

  • (1) Box of 100 Extended Knife Blades

  • Set of Wall Storage Brackets

  • Owner's Manual



• Through‐cutting for semi‐rigid materials
• Trimming feature for flexible vinyls, photo paper and canvas
• No need for two cutters ~ one for ridgid and one for flexible media ~ dedicated to each function so the GeminiPro saves on space and equipment investment.

Flat surface for consistent depths of cut

Sight line strip for accurate cutting

Easily cuts numerous substrates and flexible materials straight, accurate and square.


Cut and Trim on the same machine ... change tools in seconds...




Knife cutting blades are manufactured to Fletcher-Terry’s specifications resulting in:

Better life and cutting performance

Blade to blade consistency

The elimination of "blade deflection" when cutting harder substrates

Ergonomic cutting head designed for right or left-handed push or pull cutting



GeminiPro Cutter/Trimmer delivers performance solutions for straight, accurate cutting

F L E T C H E R - T E R R Y

Titan Board Cutter Helps Sign Shops
Increase Quality and Production.pdf

Specifications 40" 60" 80" 100" 120"
  Cut Length Capacity 40" 60" 80" 100" 119 3/8"
  Max. Material Thickness 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2"
CuttingChart As usual you best value and price is at  We make packaging your orders an art... the best products in the world at the best prices are no good if received damaged.



These items come with each GeminiPro machine.

GeminiPro rail cutter/trimmer, Knife blade holder, A box of 100 blades, Owner's manual.

Description Part Number
List Price
framingsupplies price
GeminiPro 40" Cutter/Trimmer 04-740
GeminiPro 60" Cutter/Trimmer 04-741
GeminiPro 80" Cutter/Trimmer 04-742
GeminiPro100" Cutter/Trimmer 04-743
GeminiPro 120" Cutter/Trimmer 04-744
GeminiPro Trimming wheels (2) 05-225
GeminiPro blade magazine 04-783
Utility blades box of 100 blades 05-004



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