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Putty and Fillers (AMACO)

Rub'n Buff

Lustrous wax base metallic finishes for antiquing, and picture frame restoration. 

Just rub onto any surface with finger or soft cloth, then gently buff to a beautiful luster.

Comes in twelve colors in 1/2 oz. tubes and can be mixed to make any color you might want.Use a water color pallet with a lid, mix your color, make your repair, and close the lid for the next time you need it.


Make the investment, buy all 12 ~

Regular framingsupplies price is $52.68 Special Price for 12 different colors is $47.40     


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List Price $6.10 each Price  $4.39


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Nail  Hole and Corner Filler

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A pliable filler for cracks, crevices and nail holes.  Especially useful for picture framing. Will not dry out or shrink.




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2 Oz. tins

Colors: List Price $15.55 Price  $11.20

Golds: List Price $17.60 Price  $12.67

Silver: List Price $15.55 Price $11.20

Make the investment buy all 22  

 Individual price would be $239.60 Buy all 22 and save an additional $24.00    Price for all 22 tins $215.60




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Brush'n Leaf

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Interior Brush 'n Leaf

Decorate, stripe, or highlight with genuine leafing metallic in one brush-on step.  Leafs beautifully on any surface, any material.  Packaged in 1 fl. oz bottles.



List Price $9.3 Price  $6.70   

76630K Gold Leaf  76631L Antique Gold 76632M Silver Leaf     

Exterior Brush 'n Leaf

One brush-on step. Outdoor gold metallic is guaranteed to withstand weather and summer sun for two full years.

List Price $9.30 Price $6.70    

76640Y Brass Gold     76641A Old Gold     

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Rembrandt Pastels - Soft Pastels of the finest quality in the most popular colors to use in touching up the edges of  frames before you assemble them. Also for the times you  need to do a little touch up. They are blendable with each other to make just the right hue.  



        List Price $5.20each. Price $4.68 each   

    All Ten Rembrandt Touch-up Pastels  $42.12   

  Rembrandt Frame Touch-up Pastel MR-31992027 Deep Yellow 
  Rembrandt Frame Touch-up Pastel MR-31992275 Yellow Ochre 
  Rembrandt Frame Touch-up Pastel MR-31992313 Gold Ochre 
  Rembrandt Frame Touch-up Pastel MR-31993393 Light Red Oxide
  Rembrandt Frame Touch-up Pastel MR-31994087 Raw Umber
  Rembrandt Frame Touch-up Pastel MR-31994095 Burnt Umber 
  Rembrandt Frame Touch-up Pastel  MR-31995383 Mars Violet
  Rembrandt Frame Touch-up Pastel MR-31997005 Black  
  Rembrandt Frame Touch-up Pastel MR-31997043 Grey
  Rembrandt Frame Touch-up Pastel MR-31997077 Mouse Grey 


 Sharpies Permanent Markers

Permanent on most surfaces. Quick Drying. Non-toxic.

Twin Point with Fine and Extra Fine Points for $2.10 each 

Fine Point Markers in Black, Red, Blue or Green for $1.15 each

Sharpie SF-32001 Black Twin Point Marker $2.26


    Sharpie SF-30001 Fine Point Marker $1.25
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