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Picture Frame Glass ~ Ultra Clear Glass
Artist Choice glass protects without sacrificing the clarity of your artwork.  Let the true colors of your framed project be seen clearly without the green tint of ordinary glass.  With Artist Choice Ultra Clear glass you are assured of top clarity with true color transmittion. .

Brighter Images

Crisper Colors

No Distortion



All the glass (both clear and non-glare) is 2mm thick.  The glass is made in United States by one of the largest glass companies in the world. 



Talk to us about shipping @ 800-334-9060

Glass is shipped by motor freight companies on a pallet. Right now the shipping is very reasonable.! The more boxes the cheaper per box.



Great Deal

Buy 4 boxes of either Clear Picture Frame Glass or Non-Glare picture frame glass and get one box free.

Limited time offer


Paper between lites (sheets or individual pieces of glass), crystal clean,

clear picture frame glass.

8x10 box 90 lites 50 square feet per box $48.95
11x14 box 47 lites 50 square feet per box $48.95
16x20 box 23 lites 50 square feet per box $46.95
20x24 box 15 lites 50 square feet per box $46.95
24x36 box 8 lites 50 square feet per box $46.95
32x40 box 6 lites 50 square feet per box $46.95



lite=a sheet of glass


Paper between lites (sheets), crystal clean, 

non-glare picture frame glass.

16x20 box 23 lites 50 square feet per box $91.95
20x24 box 15 lites 50 square feet per box $91.95
24x36 box 8 lites 50 square feet per box $91.95
32x40 box 6 lites 50 square feet per box $91.95



lite=a sheet of glass


Plastic Glazing for Picture Framing


Cutting and Handling Recommendations for Artist Choice Products

Artist Choice glass is easily cut using conventional methods. It is most accurately cut using a wall-mounted glasscutter such as the the Onyx 90 or the Fletcher F-3000/3100

Once properly adjusted, the cutter can be used for many glass-cutting applications without further adjustment.

Glass chipping or flaking will result if the cutting wheel pressure is too great. Although the glass is shipped with a protective laminate it is still thin glass and does not require extreme force to effectively scribe the glass. A sharp wheel under modest pressure works best. It is also highly recommended to keep your glass cutter well lubricated so that the small cutting wheel rotate easily on it's axis.

A sharp wheel is more beneficial than excess pressure. It is recommended that a 124-degree cutting wheel be used.   A sharp wheel at sufficient pressure to penetrate the protective laminate and scribe the glass is what is necessary.

Glass chipping is almost always caused by excessive force. If glass flakes are found after removal of the protective laminate then decrease the pressure being applied. If the cutting wheel is failing to adequately scribe the glass then install a new wheel before attempting to increase pressure. Unnecessary force should not be used to compensate for a dull wheel.

Standard safety precautions should be followed when handling this or any other glass product. Proper use of protective clothing, gloves, and safety glasses is recommended.


1.  Use personal protective equipment.

2.  Scribe on the laminated side of the glass.

4.  Use a 124-degree cutting wheel.

5.  Scribe using a slow and consistent hand motion.

6.   Ensure cutting wheel is free spinning and replace when it inadequately scribes glass surface.

7.  Do not remove protective laminate until ready to install in the frame.


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