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Mat Layout by John Figueras


This free ware program was written by John Figueras.  It is helpful in calculating what your mat boarder should be.

If you like it give John an email


Above is an image of the program.  You must click the check mark below and open it or save it to make work for you. 


The Overlap entry is the amount by which the matte opening will overlap the image. The default is 1/8" (0.3 cm.). You may
change this value if you wish.

 Enter data into the four input boxes, then click on the Compute button to display the matte cutter settings required to produce a matte with the specified dimensions.

Data in inches can be input in decimal form (e.g., 8.75) or in
fractional form. Fractions can appear preceded by a hyphen
(e.g., 8-3/4) or by a blank (e.g., 8 3/4).

Click on the Centimeter radio button if you wish to use Metric
dimensions. These dimensions should be input in decimal form


Thanks for the update John

Click the check mark to down load the program




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