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Illustration Boards


The best products are only as good as the package that protects them. 



1.  To insure that your boards arrive to you in the best possible condition, must completely fill the specially designed shipping carton  -  order in increments of 25 sheets or the equivalent of 25 sheets. (i.e. 25, 50, 75, 100, etc).

2.  All 25 sheets do not have to be the same.  Some boards are thicker than others and take up more room. You may choose different types (i.e. mat board, Rag Mat, Black Core etc.) as long as the space equals 25 sheets or the equivalent of 25 sheets. 

Double thick (DT)                    counts as 2 sheets
Triple thick (TT)                       counts as 3 sheets

If you have questions about the boards or shipping,  please call 800-334-9060.

Airbrush & Studio Board Hot Press Illustration Boards: Smooth surfaces designed primarily for pen and ink work, airbrush, marker rendering, keylining and technical drawing.  Special calendaring and surface sizing provides non-porous smoothness, allowing the pen to flow clean, sharp and uninterrupted across the board.
CR-201 Hot Press ILBd Single Thick 30x40 Extra Heavy Wt., High Cotton Content, Gray Core, Premium Multi-Media- Smooth Surface $6.29
CR-215 Br White Hot Press ILBd Single Thick 30x40 Medium $6.93

Mounting BoardsCold Press Illustration Boards

Textured surfaces designed primarily for wash drawings, tempera, acrylic, gouache, pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, crayon, pastels and felt markers. The textured surfaces of cold press boards allows the medium to be applied without fast absorption. This permits smooth, even blending of washes.


CR-1 Cold Press ILBd  30x40 Extra Heavy Wt., Acid Free, 100% Rag Surface, Gray Core - Illustrator's Board - Medium Tooth  Surface $9.79
CR-100 Cold Press Double Thick ILBd  30x40 Heavy Wt., Line and Wash, Gray Core - Medium Tooth  Surface $8.69
CR-310 Cold Press ILBd Single Thick 30x40 Medium Wt., Acid Free, 100 % Rag Surface,  Gray Core, Airbrush and Wash - Medium Tooth  Surface $7.37
All Media Boards Feature High Quality  surface papers mounted on an economical middle, ideal for professional as well as students.
CR-99 Cold Press ILBd  Single Thick 30x40 Medium Wt., Gray Core - Medium Tooth  Surface $5.26

HI-Line Premium Line Boards & Bristols 

All Media BoardsExtra smooth, acid-free surface for unparalleled sharpness of inked line work. Durable hot press surface can be erased or scraped and reworked. Tape removes cleanly without damage to surface. Natural white surface also excellent for markers, airbrush and all paste-up materials.


CR-218 Hi-Line ILBd Single Thick 30x40 Medium Wt., Hi-Line, Acid Free Gray Core $6.57

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