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Framing Essentials III


3/16" Beowulf Rabbet Cutter

An indispensable tool for anyone who works with foam board.

The Rabbet Cutter slices a perfect 3/16" notch out of the back facing. Both cuts of the 2-step process are made by one replaceable, single-edge blade. Align the cut edge with another sheet of foam board to form a precise, paintable 90° corner without having to use tape.

The small Rabbet Cutter fits in the palm of your hand and is completely safe, so you can carry it around in your pocket. Uses a single-edge razor blade.
 List Price  $10.98  BW-RABBETCTR Price  $8.25













Grafix Rubber Cement Pick-Up

Uh-oh!  Need to pick up bits and pieces of ATG tape or other materials from your artwork?  We have just the thing!  This neo-preen rubber cement will do fast clean up on your mishap.

BT-700 Price $2.74








The World's Best Eraser!

This eraser is white, very clean and pliable.  Recommended for art classes, sketching, removing smudges from matboard, etc..

GP-ES20 Price $0.99











Needle Tip Bottle Tip:  Do you need something to help you get that glue in just the right spot?  How about getting your fillet to stick well to the matboard?  All you need is a thin line of glue, but you get a huge GLOP! 

We have just the thing to help you out.  A 2 ounce needle tip bottle for your glue or other solution.  Anything you need a small stream of, this is for you!MK-NT702 Price $1.60











Self Healing Cutting Mats

Made of a unique 3-ply composite material, providing a non-stick, non marring surface with 1" grid lines and 1/4" graduations on the base and left hand vertical edges.  Miracle plastics and our exclusive design makes this mat ideal for a wide variety of applications-Industry, Office, School or Home. 

3-Ply Construction, 1ply each of:

  1. Semi-soft vinyl with embossed texture and printed grid lines.
  2. Hard, hot pressed vinyl which provides self-sealing qualities.
  3. Semi-soft vinyl with embossed texture.

Please note the 24" x 36" Mat is considered OVERSIZED for shipping.  Please click here to see what that means for your shipping costs.

18"x24"   List $34.99 $26.24

24"x36"   List $64.99 $36.72(Oversized)
















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