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Quality, precision and ease of use.
Canvas Rolls Roll Canvas.
Canvas Art Racks Display your Art.  Our popular Art Rack is sturdy but lightweight, and folds flat for easy carrying.
Canvas For Laserjets Fredrix Desktop Inkjet Canvas is made especially for your desktop printer.
Cast Iron Mitre Vise To hold corners tight while attaching to each other.
Chalk Board Children's Chalk Board and Easel Combination.
Circle Template For perfect circles every time from Alvin.
Clamp (Four Corner) Adjustable self-squaring four corner clamp.
Cleaning Pad To clean artwork, etc.
Clearmount The inexpensive way to shrinkwrap and preserve your art.
Clearmount Clearmount Miter Saw Tables With Accu-Miter Scales.
Clips (Swiss) Holds - board, artwork, mat board, glass together.
Compressor (Air) A quiet air compressor that provides high performance and portably.
Conservation Information                            Information regarding conservation of artwork, etc.
Craft Paper For framing, but it has many other uses.
Crescent Mat Board Every kind and color there is!
 Fletcher 1100 Circle/Oval Mat Cutter The world's best circle/oval mat cutter.
 Logan Circle Cutter Easy to set up and use. Fast and portable.
Cutters-Fillet:  ITW AMP Compact for cutting fillets.
  C+H Glass, plexi, mat board, foam board, cutters.
  Fletcher Model 3100 Multi-Material Cutter will cut hardboard, Gatorboard, foamboard,
matboard, and score glass and plastic. 
  Fletcher Inexpensive Handheld models.
  Logan Model 701 - Straight Cutter.
  Logan Model 704 - Pull type Handheld 90 glass cutter.
  Fletcher Handheld circle and oval mat cutters and glass tools.
Fletcher Scores circles 1/2" (12mm) to 5" (12.7cm) in diameter. (Includes a 3 wheel turret).
  C+H C+H Pro , Pro Plus, Oval Cutter.
  Fletcher For the 2100, the Matmate systems, 3000 & 3001, 1100 Circle & Oval cutter.
  Logan 301 & 301S, Intermediate 401, 650, 655, and 750.
  C+H Fluid lines of the perfect circle or oval cut.
  Fletcher The world's best circle/oval mat cutter.
Fletcher For scoring acrylic plastics and Formica.
Logan This V-Groover is to used with Models 310, 350, 600 #650 and #660. 







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