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Backs (Easel)

Quality Easel Backs featuring Vertical or Horizontal Hangers Black Velour backing and made of calipers/thickness of .80 Standard Metal.
Backing Papers Black and Kraft Paper on 9 inch rolls.
Bags (Plastic) Plastic Bags for Protection on Easy to use perforated rolls.
Blackboard Children's Blackboard and Easel.
Black Backing Paper Black Paper on 9 inch rolls.
Black Core Mat Board Mat Board with black behind the colored surface paper.
Black Foam Core 32 x 40 Foam Core Board.

  Alto Replacement Blades

for ALT-4501 Mat Cutter, ALT-4505 Mat Cutter, ALT-Oval Template Cutter, ALT-360 Circle Cutter, ALT-90 T Square Cutter, ALT-Handcutter Model 45 Mat Cutter, ALT30 -Handcutter Model 30 Freehand Mat Cutter.
  C+H Replacement Blades for  C&H-PRO Advantage Pro Mat Cutters, C+H-M Pro Plus Mat Cutters, C+H BG6100-60 Board & Glass Cutter, C+H Oval Cutter.
  Logan Replacement Blades LOG-270, Blades for Logan 301 & 301S, 750, 401 & 500, L-324 Blades for 201 Circle & Oval Mat Cutter, 
LOG-1258-20 Blades for All V-Groovers, LOG-492-5 Blades for LOG-1500, Logan LOG-269-100 for Logan 650 & 660 and Logan LOG-786 Glass Cutting Wheels.
  ProEdge Blades and Knives Replacement Blades, Holders and Kits.
  Foam Core Board by Foam-x and Neilsen Bainbridge.
Packaged in cardboard cartons, 32" x 40" size.
  lllustration Board HI-Line Premium Line Boards & Bristols.
  Mat Board (Crescent) Every color and kind you can imagine!
Board and Glass Cutter Accessories For C+H Board and Glass cutter.
Books All the answers are in these books. You need all of them.
Brite Core Mat Board Mat Board with brite blue, green, yellow or red behind the colored surface paper.
Brush Cleaner (Anderson)  An airtight cleaner for your brushes.
Brush & Leaf To use on Frames.
Bumpons To protect walls.
Burnishing Bone For use with tissues and hinges, etc.





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