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Fletcher 3000 Multi Media Cutter

framingsupplies great price - $2110

List Price $2336.00

F3000 60" (1.5m) Cutting Capacity
Includes 10 steel wheels, 10 plastic cutting blades, 10 mat cutting blades, instruction manual, and mounting hardware.


Quick return on your investment . . . 
enduring quality with the

multi-material cutter

Fletcher 3000

The Fletcher F-3000 is shipped Motor Freight Only 

When purchasing any of these cutters don't forget to buy extra blades.  The cutters come with some blades,  however, now is the time to buy them because always has the right price and they will be packaged with your order ~ saving you additional shipping cost.


30turret.jpg (5454 bytes) RedBall Triple-tool turret cuts glass, plastic and mat board . . . up to 1/4 inch (6mm) thick.  
30matbld.jpg (1601 bytes) RedBall Mat cutting blade.
30pl_bld.JPG (1267 bytes) RedBall Plastic (acrylic) scoring blade. Handles material up to 1/4 inch (6mm) thick.
30wheel.jpg (2007 bytes) RedBall Hardened tool steel glass cutting wheel in a replaceable unit.
30ctass.jpg (2876 bytes) RedBall The unique turret can be rotated quickly to switch from cutting glass to mat to plastic. The assembly is spring loaded to apply the correct pressure to each of the three cutting tools. Turret can be easily removed for simple replacement of a worn cutting blade or wheel.
30meas.JPG (6015 bytes) RedBall The handiest way of cutting materials to the same dimensions is to use our optional measuring stops (two recommended for production cutting).
30plbr.JPG (11652 bytes) RedBall Patented roller design lets you break out plastic right on the machine.
RedBall Minimal assembly and mounts easily to the wall to save space.
RedBall Patented design for breaking out plastic right on the machine.
Full length clamp for top-to-bottom, non-slip, mark free clamping.
RedBall Composite sleeve bearings reduce friction for accurate scoring and cutting.
RedBall Available in two cutting capacities - 48" (1.2m) and 60" (1.5m).
RedBall Optional measuring stops for quick same-size cutting.
RedBall Owner's Manual included.
ReBall 1 year Warranty.



Sample Costs for F-3000 Motor Freight charges . .
From To Approximate Motor Freight Cost

(Commercial Location)


Approximate Motor Freight Cost

(Residential Location)


North Carolina Miami,Florida $131.07 $161.07
North Carolina Houston,Texas $136.33 $166.33
North Carolina Denver, Co $154.60 $184.60
North Carolina Los Angeles,Ca $185.86 $215.86
















An outstanding price - for the best media cutter in the world!













List Price

FS Price


F3000 60" (1.5m) Cutting Capacity

 Includes 10 steel wheels, 10 plastic cutting blades, 10 mat cutting blades, instruction manual, and mounting hardware.

The Fletcher 3000 is shipped Motor Freight Only Please

Please call we will get you the cheapest rate


Optional Measuring Stop



M-3000 Mat Cutting Blades
(10 blades per tube)
M-3000 Mat Cutting Blades
(100 blades per box)
$37.33 pk/10
Steel 120 degrees Cutting Wheel Unit (Package of  10 wheels)
$29.75 each
Carbide 124 degrees Cutting Wheel Unit (Package of 1 wheel)
$56.55 pk/10
APB-12 Plastic Cutting Blades         (package of 10 cutters)

















































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