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Clearmount Miter Saw System


Pay lower prices for molding.  

Give your customers fast service.  

Don't wait for delivery of your chopped aluminum and wood frames.

Make use of your small scrap pieces of aluminum and wood stock. Make them into small frames and sell them.


Clearmount scale with saw CLEARMOUNT Miter Saw Systems are manufactured specifically for picture framers. The single piece custom extruded aluminum base provides the rigidity needed to assure a true and accurate miter for every cut. The Accu-Miter Scales are silk screened and are guaranteed for 30 years.  Systems are available in 7 and 11 foot models.



Accu-Miter scales are silk screened clear and easy to read and are guaranteed for 30 years (really a lifetime). Competitive systems use labels that do wear off or chip and have to be replaced.

Single piece aluminum custom extruded base provides rigidity and bed flatness to guarantee true miters every cut.

Red line

Cut with the rabbet facing you.

Threaded channel on scales allows for quick and easy calibration to individual saws.

Red line

One quick adjusting sliding stop runs along back fence and can be locked at lengths as indicated by the Accu-Miter Scales.

Red line

One quick adjusting sliding stop runs along back fence and can be locked at lengths as indicated by the Accu-Miter Scales.

The design of Clearmount system ~ using one piece, heavy gauge aluminum extrusion, that mounts to the top of the saw table ~ has solved the problem inherent in competitive systems where the scales are extension arms that need to be attached with brackets to the sides of the saw. Obviously, any joint is a weak point and these extensions frequently lose their levelness and alignment.

Our scales are compatible with almost all 10" and 12" saws.

Units are shipped pre-assembled. Mounting to the saw is easy and fast. Simply use pilot holes in the base to drill into the table of your saw and insert one bolt on each side.
Laminated center cutting block is replaceable. Depending on the blade you are using, you can cut wood, metal or plastic. Cutting capacity is 3" tall x 3" wide. Manufacturer says it will cut up to 3 1/2".
The first 45 degree cuts, you do cut through the back fence  of the scale and into the cutting block. This is left to the individual saw, thereby keeping the smallest opening in the back. This will not harm the blade for the 2 cuts that you are making. The cutting blocks (a laminated wood composite material) are replaceable.

Calibration of the scale is done when the scale is mounted to the saw ~ it is easy to do and unless the scale is removed from the saw, only needs to be done once.


Saw Two adjustable (vertical and horizontal) clamps run along a channel in the front part of the scale. These clamps hold the molding by pushing it back against the fence. Quick release production stop slides along the fence.








































































SW7 ~ Overall length is 88" and can be shipped UPS ~ the base is such heavy gauge aluminum that you do not need support legs. Scales allow you to measure up to 41" on each side of the saw.

SW11 ~ Overall length is 134" The base is self-supporting, however, we do suggest a simple 2X4 placed under each end of the scale for additional support and stability. Scales allow you to measure up to 64" on each side of the saw.



CMC-SW-7 7' Silk Screened Aluminum Scale List Price $710.50 Price




CMC-SW-11 11' Silk Screened Scale List Price $950.00 Price $888.00 To order call 800-334-9060

MD10-105 Used for Aluminum and Wood

Used for 10" saws

10" 100 Tooth 5/8" arbor

Made in Germany

List Price

$147.95 $90.93




MAK-SAWBN Makita Saw 10" Saw Makita List Price $500.00 Price when purchased with a scale $264.95

Saw Owner's Manual .pdf

Miter saw Instructions. pdf


Specifications LS1040  
Blade diameter  10"
Arbor  5/8" 
Max. cutting capacities (H x W): at 90° 2-3/4" x 5-1/8" 
Max. cutting capacities (H x W): at 45° 2-3/4" x 3-5/8" 
No load speed  4,600 RPM
AMPS (115V)  15.0 
Overall dim. (L x W x H)  18-1/2" x 19-1/8" x 20-1/16" 
Net weight  24.3 lbs. 
Shipping weight  30.5 lbs. 


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