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        Clearmount Shrink Wrap System

Each system comes with:
Sealing wand, film dispenser that does not limit you to a certain size roll of film, industrial heat gun, silicone/rubber sealing pad and an extra sealing wire. There is a two year limited warranty on the equipment. Parts and service are always available.

  1. Clearmount Systems are the inexpensive and reliable way to display and protect artwork.  
  2. Clearmount wand systems give you tremendous flexibility to easily wrap almost any size or shape object.
  3. Clearmount systems are compact - Portable - Easy to operate.
  4. Instant on - No warm up required.
  5. Film dispensers are open ended - they do not restrict you to the size of film that you can use.
  6. 2 year warranty on systems - Parts and Service are always available! 1 year warranty on heat gun (repairable, not disposable).
  7. 32" and 40" Systems available.

Film not included with system 


32" System List Price $580.00 Price $407.39

 40" System List Price $780.00 Price $499.95


Click here to see "How to Shrink Wrap"

The professional way to protect, display and enhance your artwork, photography, posters, business presentations or other products.
Our Ultrafilm is an industry leader for its outstanding clarity, ease of sealing and shrinking, and high resistance to burning holes. You consistently get good pieces. We have taken the frustration out of shrink wrapping! Our high performance shrink film is acid free. All film is center-folded and  on rolls of 500 linear feet.

CMC-EG5024 Film 50 Gauge 24" Price $56.19    List $80.00

CMC-EG5036 Film 50 Gauge 36" Price $91.31    List $130.00


CMC-GG10024 Film 100 Gauge 24" Price $91.31  List $130.00



CMC-GG10036 Film 100 Gauge 36" Price $148.95    List$216.00

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